Our Mission & Vission

The mission of Industrial Technical Institute (ITI) is to promote economic growth and development and enhance the quality of life in its region by providing quality, accessible education, training and consulting services for a globally competitive diverse workforce.
Industrial Technical Institute have been set up under STEA in Assam & North-East, promotes a students centered environment for lifelong learning and development, encompassing academic and technical education for employment in a global community.
Industrial Technical Institute (ITI) is the most respected, developed and responsive technical Institute in North-East India. We are recognized for our students-centered atmosphere of education excellence and maintain an intellecgoals, abilities, and interests.
We dedicate our resources in creating a culture of shared excellence with our stakeholders by closely aligning our purpose with the economic aspiration of the Country. We appreciate the assets of our diverse constituency, add value within the community, and provide solution for the betterment of our society.